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Turkish kebab flatbreads with Turkish salad & homemade chips recipe

Turkish kebab flatbreads with Turkish salad & homemade chips recipe 🙂. Lily doesnt like bread much so she had a pizza 👀 made from the bread… 😂😂😂 shh dont tell her… she ate the lot 🙊🙊. 2/3 box Turkish kebabs £3.32 Flatbreads free from Olio Salady bits 50p ish 1/3 block feta free from Olio 1/3 bag potatoes on offer 6p Cheese 66p £4.54 fed 5 for 90p each 🙂 . We had chocolate orange doughnuts for pud, & had a ‘dont lick your lips challenge’ 😂😂 Me & Ash won… James & Arlo failed miserably 🙊 Arlo did manage to refrain for longer though!

Round 2 of the pork! pork curry, jalfrezi recipe with rice, sweet potato wedges

Round 2 of the pork! This time pork curry 😀 jalfrezi to be more precise 🙂 with rice, sweet potato wedges, garlic naan & garlic pickle 😀 which was delicious!  The pork was from Olio & must have weighed about 1.5kg! It was pre cooked, & in some kind of light coloured BBQ sauce. If it wasnt already frozen I would have cut it up & frozen to use across more meals but wasnt possible, & I couldnt defrost & refreeze, so I used one half yesterday for a stew, & the other half for todays curry 🙂. Cooked pork free from Olio Jalfrezi sauce £1.10 2 onions 12p 2 tomatoes free from Olio 1/6 bag rice 28p Sweet potato wedges reduced £2.46 2 giant garlic naans £1.12 £5.08 fed 5 for £1.01 each 🙂.

Veggie tea for tonight, Total 5.78 fed 4! Sweet Potato and 3 bean chilli nachos recipe

Recipe - Veggie tea for us tonight. Sweet Potato and 3 bean chilli nachos.  1x onion 10p 1x large carrot 5p 2x sticks celery 10p 1x red bell pepper 26p 1x yellow bell pepper 26p 1x large sweet potato 40p Half a carton of pasata 16p 2tsp frozen garlic 15p 1tsp each of Fennel seeds, Cumin, Ground Coriander and Cinnamon Chilli powder 10p ish for spices. They come from big pots. 1x heaped tsp chipotle paste 50p 3rd tube tomato puree 9p Thumb piece of ginger grated 20p 1x black eyes beans 55p 1x pinto beans 55p 1x borlotti beans 55p Cheddar £1 Tortilla chips 76p Total 5.78 fed 4 with at least 4/6portions left. 5.78/8=72p per portion (based on the 8 portions).  Photo was what's left AFTER I'd served the 4 portions. It's hard to tell from the photo but it's a HUGE pan.  

Pork & red pepper stew recipe! with mash & broccoli, Didnt fancy Yorkshires

Pork & red pepper stew recipe 🫑 (why isnt there a red pepper emoji 😂) with mash & broccoli. Didnt fancy Yorkshires, & we had some bread to use up so Ash had some buttery bread. James & Arlo will have theirs later as its football training, & Lily is at a sleepover tonight at her Aunty’s 🙂💕 The portion sizes tonight were HUGE 😂 The pork was from Olio & must have weighed about 1.5kg! It was pre cooked, & in some kind of light coloured BBQ sauce. If it wasnt already frozen I would have cut it up & frozen to use across more meals but wasnt possible, & I couldnt defrost & refreeze, so the other half is in the fridge for pork curry tomorrow 🙂. Cooked pork free from Olio Red pepper 45p Leek 32p 1/4 bag carrots on offer 6p Apple 9p 2 stock cubes 4p Onion 6p Gravy granules 16p 1/3 bag potatoes on offer 6p Broccoli reduced 50p £1.74 fed 4 for 43p each 😀 . Havnt costed the bread as the whole loaf was 20p & he only had a couple of slices!

Meal made with bacon, peri seasoning, green pesto, cheese spread and past cost around £2.50

Ain't had tea yet threw this together chicken bits left from last night's tea 4 slices of bacon a red onion, peri seasoning , green pesto half tub of cheap cheese spread and pasta and it tastes lovely would of cost around £2.50 not even that as had most in already from bulk buy pasta and spread would of only been 84p and not used it all and there's loads not even half bag of pasta. I love throw it together and see what it’s like teas! This looks delicious x  

Roast chicken & stuffing recipe! With cheesy brussels, carrots, buttery mashed swede

Roast chicken & stuffing recipe! With cheesy brussels, carrots (& an onion - start as you mean to go on 😂), buttery mashed swede, mash & roasties (cooked in the chicken fat 🐷) & roast parsnips… Oh & Yorkshire puds… cant forget those!  Back to WW as of tomorrow, I wont be punishing myself if ive put on a few pounds, ive enjoyed every moment! 🎄 but back to reality tomorrow as ive got a special dress to fit into in May! 👰🏼‍♀️  We had a wintery walk with Mum today (& stopped off at a couple of pubs along the way 👀🤭), the kids ended up having dinner there so they didnt want a roast, so lots of leftovers which is great 🙂 Ive also got the chicken carcass boiling away in a pan with carrots & onions to make stock for soup or stew 🙂 no waste here!  Whole chicken free from Olio Homemade brussels in cheese sauce 87p 1/3 bag potatoes on offer 6p Parsnips reduced 14p 1/4 bag carrots on offer 4p Swede on offer 19p Onion 6p Stuffing 25p Leftover gravy free as coste

"normal" meal recipe! 225g pork mince company shop, Spag bol pouch 50p

Our first "normal" meal since Xmas! It went down a treat 😀 I thoroughly enjoyed it, as did everyone else! Im surprised I had room for it to be honest, as every time I walk into the kitchen I eat at least 3 Quality streets 🙊🙊 No weigh in with WW this wk… im enjoying the Christmas food & festivities 🙂. Aberdeen angus mince free from Olio 225g pork mince company shop 56p Spag bol pouch 50p on offer 3 onions 18p Tin tomatoes 28p Tin tomato soup 59p Oyster mushrooms free from Olio Tom puree, Marmite, crispy onions & 2 stock cubes 20p ish 2/3 pack spaghetti 18p Garlic bread 36p £2.85 fed 5 for 57p each 🙂 I used a lot more mince than I usually do so theres a couple of portions (butter tub sized) leftover for the freezer too for a pasta bake or 2!

PULAO BIRYANI 💕 with veg samosas & homemade flatbreads recipe

PULAO BIRYANI 💕 with veg samosas & homemade flatbreads recipe. It doesnt look overly appetising because I didnt have the food colouring to add to it… surely if its just food colouring im not missing the flavour, just the colour! Never tried this before, 2 sachets in a pack for 75p from our local world foods shop (Pak foods if you have one near, its well worth a look 🙂). Lily absolutely loved it, we all did!!  Pulao biryani mix 37p Chicken legs company shop £1.25 Veg samosas company shop £1.25 1/6 bag basmati 29p Onion 6p 1/3 tub yogurt 15p Leftover homemade flatbreads free as costed previously. £3.37 fed 4 for 84p each, with loads of leftovers for James to take to work 🙂.

Various ravioli & pasta for tea, with garlic bread recipe

Various ravioli & pasta for tea, with garlic bread! The kids had tomato & marscapone pasta bake. I had crab ravioli with garlic & parsley butter, & a spoonful of the kids. James has butternut squash & sage ravioli with tomato & marscapone sauce. & we have a tub of leftovers too 🙂. Noticed some of the fruit was looking a bit sad so chopped it all up & made a cheats fruit salad for the kids 😀. 1/2 pack crab ravioli reduced £1.12 Squash ravioli free from Olio 1/3 bag pasta 13p Pasta sauce 90p 1/4 block cheese 49p Garlic bread 35p £2.99 fed 5 for 59p each 🙂.  

Budget meal plans! 7 meals for £23.36, affordable gravy granules 32p

Someone asked about budget meal plans earlier but the post was deleted (presumably for mentioning their budget in case they're "touting" for money.) Anyway. I was writing this as it was deleted so hopefully it'll help a little.  *pic just added so post isn't lost. Group member bacon Omelette...add some veg and or cheese, chips and beans. 1.35 eggs, 75p cooking bacon, chips £1 beansx2 50p (5x eggs leftover, half bacon left) potatoes 99p, sausagesx20 1.21, peas 1.10. Extras if affordable gravy granules32p, yorkshires 50p, onion 65p (loads left). Spaghetti carbonara and garlic bread using leftover eggs and bacon from day 1, Spaghetti 23p garlic bread 32p. Chicken wings approx 2.08 s&s jar 42p rice 48p stir fry veg £1 (glaze in the sauce and bake until cooked through and sticky. Serve with the rice and stirfried veg mixed through). Cheese 2.85 potatoes and onions left from above flour 58p willow £1 beansx2 50p (cheese and onion pasties with beans or ditch the flou

Kofta kebabs recipe! Absolutely delish with extra crispy paprika chips

Kofta kebabs! If you can get these kits, GET THEM!! Absolutely delish 😀 I got them from Heron. Served them with extra crispy paprika chips! I also got some edamame beans off Olio, which the kids had whilst I was making for tea, & they loved them 🙂. Aberdeen angus mince free from Olio 2 Kofta mixes £1.50 1/3 bag potatoes 39p Salady bits 50p ish 1.5 packs wraps £1.27 £3.66 fed 5 for 73p each 🙂.

Quick Respie of old fashioned bread pudding! Can be eaten warm or cold

If your interested I have a bake for you. Old fashioned bread pudding . People have tried to make it fancy by adding things but it was never meant to be fancy it was meant to be cheap.  The way I make it is: 500g of wholemeal bread 600ml of the milk of your choice (i used oat to make it vegan) 250g of sultanas 100g of light brown sugar (if you don’t have it caster works absolutely fine) 2 tbsp of mixed spice 50ml of a non flavoured oil like vegetable oil Caster sugar for sprinkling on top Set oven to 160 degrees  Crumble bread into a large bowl mix in milk, mixed spice and sultanas and set aside for 30mins mix in oil and sugar press in to a tin bake for 1 1/2 hours until a knife comes out clean  when out sprinkle top with caster sugar, as much as you want Can be eaten warm or cold. I prefer it cold Freezes well I use lidils 37p bread I used oat milk If you want it thicker put it in a smaller tin. You can adjust mixed spice accordingly or use cinnamon You can use dairy or dairy free m

Recipe - Roast chicken with stuffing, swede, carrots, onion for me! Whole chicken £4.80

Recipe - Roast chicken with stuffing, swede, carrots, onion for me, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower & leek gratin, mash & Yorkshire puddings 😋😋. Lilys got her very serious chichen eating face on 😂😂😂. Eves pudding for pud, I wasnt a fan but all the boys loved it xxx. Whole chicken £4.80 Stuffing 25p Swede free from Olio 1/4 bag carrots 11p Onion 6p Broccoli free from Olio Cabbage free from Oddbox Cauli free from Oddbox Leek 65p 1/3 bag potatoes free from Olio Gravy granules 16p £6.03 fed 5 for £1.20 each 🙂 We have loads of chicken leftover, Yorkshires too… & we did have loads of lovely gravy made with the chicken juices but Shawne just poured it down the sink ffs 😩😩😩 😵🔫. Didnt cost the pud but the apples were free from Olio, so only paid for sponge ingredients which werent a lot at all 🙂.

Steak & kidney pie, WW chunky chips & mushy peas recipe! £5.56 fed 5 for £1.11 each

Steak & kidney pie, WW chunky chips & mushy peas recipe 🥧😋. These kids amaze me daily… usually by doing silly things 😂 but today they are wolfing their pies down… all well impressed with Mums cooking! Who knew they’d love kidney sooo much!  Steak £2 Pigs kidney £1.24 Beef stock cube 3p 1/2 bottle of Hobgoblin ale 69p Suet, butter & flour for suet top 80p ish 1/3 bag potatoes free from Olio 2 tins mushy peas 64p Gravy granules 16p £5.56 fed 5 for £1.11 each 😀.

Recipe - Meat & potato pie with broccoli, carrots stuffing & Yorkshire puds

Recipe - Meat & potato pie with broccoli, carrots (& an onion for me!), buttery swede, mash, stuffing & Yorkshire puds 😋😋. & apple crumble for pud, with almonds added into the topping, & double cream. This was lovely & cheap as the veg was free from my Oddbox delivery (I ordered for the first time last week & my box was delivered to the wrong house & then stolen! So they sent me a box free of charge & also added money to my Oddbox account) & some of the other veg was from Olio 🙂 . I also made some cornflake flapjack & some fork biscuits for the kids lunches next week 🙂. Lean diced beef £3.79 3 onions 18p Carrots & potatoes free as they were from my Oddbox (was delivered to wrong address then stolen so they delivered me one this week for free) Broccoli & swede free from Olio 1/2 box stuffing Eggs milk & flour for batter mix 40p ish Suet, flour & butter for pie top 80p ish 2 stock cubes 6p £5.23 fed 5 for £1.04 each 🙂.

Recipe - Apple cider glazed chicken with mash & Yorkshire puds

Recipe - Apple cider glazed chicken 😍😍 with mash & Yorkshire puds! James had sausages, he doesnt eat chicken on the bone & ill be honest, I couldnt be fluffed cutting it off for him tonight 😅 he doesnt care though he prefers sausages! Lily was happy it was a chicken day! Ashton wasnt happy it was a veg day 😂🤣 cant win em all!  I found the recipe online & adapted it slightly as we had some pumpkin 🎃 to use up after I carved the kids pumpkins today, & added mushrooms 🍄 that I got off Olio as they needed to be used up. I also thickened the sauce at the end as we like a thicker gravy like sauce 👍🏻. 1/2 packet chicken legs £2 2 frozen sausages 12p Bottle of cider 89p Sweet potato 33p Mushrooms free from Olio Innards of pumpkin counting as free as its from our carved pumpkins & usually chucked! Rosemary free from my garden Honey & mustard 5p ish 1/4 bag maris pipers 32p Leftover Yorkshire puds free as costed previously  £3.71 fed 5 for 74p each ☺️.

An experiment with the roast dinner! great idea and looks delicious x

Had a bit of an experiment with the roast dinner. I managed to cut the amount of time I used the oven from an hour to 15mins! I put the potatoes in the microwave for 10 minutes and then in the slow cooker with the chicken and Stuffing. I steamed the veg in the 3 tier steamer on the gas hob and added an Oxo to the water in the bottom for the gravy and a bit of cornflour was the veg was done. Think next time I'll pop the potatoes in the bottom of the steamer before they go in the slow cooker and save on microwave time too. Not sure how much £ it saved but every little helps!  

Recipe - leftover chilli chicken pasta bake, piece of fish, lots of salad

Change of plan tonight! Got to the leftover chilli before I got to the chicken so chilli pasta bake for James & the kids. Found a piece of fish for me, with a small jacket, lots of salad & ‘free’ foods on WW 🙂. I did some stewed apples for pudding with custard, went down a treat! Leftover chilli free as costed previously 2/3 bag pasta 23p Feta cheese free from Olio Handful of grated cheese 26p Smoked fish reduced £1.13 Egg 10p Potato 10p Hummus free from Olio Avo free from Olio Salady bits 20p ish £2.02 fed 5 for 40p each 🙂 . The cooking apples were free from Olio & the custard powder, milk & sugar cost around 60p ish so 60p for pud for 4 🙂.

Quick Recipe! Restaurant Meal with extra soy sauce and sprinkle of orange zest

Recipe - This recipe used mostly ingredients I already had indoors that have been costed into many meals. I added extra soy sauce and only used a sprinkle of orange zest in it, and a little extra cornstarch (corn flour)to account for the extra soy sauce. I think it turned out pretty good! Takeaways are so expensive and unhealthy so I am constantly trying to expand on my cooking abilities ☺️. My friend said that she love the way I’ve presented this, it looks so amazing, well done & I’d come to your restaurant if you had one anytime 🤩.

Recipe - Vegan prawn chow mein, air fried eggs & mini spring rolls

Recipe - Vegan prawn chow mein, air fried eggs & mini spring rolls 🥡. Supposed to be KFC style chicken, but the chicken had gone off so had to chuck it… & had to think fast what to make 😀. Shawne doesnt have real or vegan prawns 😂 or any seafood, so hes got spinach dahl & rice 🙂. The vegan prawns were a mixed bag. I liked the taste but not the texture. Ashton loved them & said he preferred them to real prawns 🤷🏼‍♀️. Arlo said he liked the taste but not the texture, but continues to eat every single one. Anaïs seemed to enjoy them, but she didnt like her egg yolk 😂🙈. Vegan prawns £1 (bought from Heron foods. We arent vegan just like trying new things) 2 packs egg noodles free from Olio Red pepper free from Olio 1/2 pack frozen mini spring rolls 50p 4 eggs 40p Soy, garlic & hoisin 15p ish £2.05 fed 4 for 51p each 🙂.

Recipe - ham & cheese quesedillas as the wraps, cooked down with garlic & basil

More using stuff up! 😀 Recipe - Made some ham & cheese quesedillas as the wraps had gone OOD & I knew they’d go green if I didnt use them quick! 🌮. Also noticed I had some tomatoes going red again, so all cooked down with garlic & basil to make pasta sauce for the freezer 🙂🍅. Tea was Halloween pizza cobs! 👻🦇🕷 with potato pops, coleslaw & salad. Nays looks a big dinner but if you go through the photos she ate most of it apart from one roll 🙂  I had salmon, eggs, avo, mushy peas & chips… bit random, but their tea was a bit high in points for me!  Rolls free from Olio Pack of plastic cheese 55p Squirt of tom puree & bbq - pennies Frozen potato pops 72p Salady bits 20p ish 1/4 tub coleslaw  20p Salmon fillet reduced 75p Potato 18p 1/2 tin mushy peas 15p 1/2 avo 34p 2 eggs 30p £3.39 fed 5 for 67p each 🙂  & last but not least, my Olio haul from this morn, it was a guddun 💕.

Popped into farmfoods! couple of bargains, Potatoes £1.99, Waffles 29p a packet

Popped into farmfoods earlier, got a couple of bargains that some of you might want to look out for. Potatoes £1.99 Flora 49p- it's the dairy free version i used some of it to make mash and didn't notice any difference. Innocent 750ml 19p! Hadn't tried the flavor before but my son has already drunk half so can't be too bad. Waffles 29p a packet! Bought a whole box of 10 and froze them as perfect for packed lunch. Also picked up a box of 6 mr brains (post declined if i name the actual food item 🙄) for £1 which made 2 dinners, just used some of the potatoes and added some peas which I already had in the freezer so a super cheap dinner tonight 😀.

Cottage pie with bacon and cheese mash topping recipe! from the local meat

Cottage pie with bacon and cheese mash topping 😍😍😍. Mince was in a meat bundle from the local meat delivery man I bought so cost me probably about  1.50. Carrots was 24p a bag and used a couple 8p Onions 50p a bag for about 20 but used 2.  Added garlic granules and gravy which already had in. Fed 2 with 2 left to freeze.  I always buy my meat is these bundles from local businesses and meat always ends up being pennies for the quality and amount you get. That looks delicious 😋

Scouse (beef stew) recipe! healthy and easy, literally cost under a fiver

Recipe - Scouse (beef stew). 1.50 for potatoes, tin of carrots or fresh 45p if that, one onion, can add swede if you want too beef stock cubes and diced beef can get for like 1.50-2 quid literally cost under a fiver not even that get like 6/7 bowls. An any crusty bread tiger bread etc flavour salt pepper an what you want. Healthy and easy an taste soo nice 👍 an can freeze 😉 ps I only used tinned carrots as forgot carrots nerve done that before but was surprised still nice.

Recipe - Slow cooked Hobgoblin stew with buttery swede, cheesy mash

Recipe - Slow cooked Hobgoblin stew 🧌 with buttery swede, cheesy mash, & garlic & sage Yorkshire puds 😋😋😋. Weve got a poorly house again (James this time!) so needed an immune booster stew 😀 I always think a beef stew is great when you are feeling naff! Proper home cooked stodge when you put it with mash, Yorkshires or dumplings!  Frozen diced beef £3.80 1/4 bag carrots 12p 3 onions 18p Swede free from Olio Handful of shallots reduced 22p Orange pepper 50p 2 stock cubes 6p Couple of bay leaves - pennies Few rosemary stalks free from Olio Tbsp Marmite 13p ish Tbsp wholegrain mustard - pennies 1/2 bottle Hobgoblin gold ale 65p 1/4 bag Maris pipers 34p Handful grated cheese & tbsp dijon mustard 25p ish Flour eggs & milk for batter 40p ish £6.65 fed 5 for £1.33 each, with leftover stew & Yorkshires 🙂  We went pumpkin picking today & got loads of lovely pumpkins to carve & cook with, so any pumpkin recipes… send them my way! 🎃.

Crunchy fish traybake for me & Shawne, kids had fish fingers! BirdEye Crunchy Traybake

Crunchy fish traybake for me & Shawne, kids had fish fingers as they wouldnt have ate what we had, both with WW crunchy roast potatoes & green beans 💚 . * 11 WW points * Crunchy fish traybake reduced £1.50 Fish fingers 69p 1/4 bag Maris pipers 37p 1/2 tin sweetcorn 19p Green beans 84p £3.59 fed 5 for 71p 🙂 Looks delicious, I saw that fish bake in Heron foods down to a £1.00 as I also like it 💕  

Pasta bake with homegrown tomato pasta sauce, cheesy Marmite pasta recipe

Recipe -Pasta bake with homegrown tomato pasta sauce 🥰. The boys & James had sea salt & rosemary focaccia with theirs. Lily had some cheesy Marmite pasta, its what she fancied & because shes not been well & not eating much, I just wanted her to eat something! She has eaten half 🙂 so im more than happy with that! I hope she perks up soon, shes been asleep 2 or 3 times today, shes just worn out xxx. Tomatoes free from my garden 2 onions 12p 2 garlic cloves 6p Bag of pasta 35p 1/2 bag grated cheese £1 Focaccia bread kit reduced 60p £2.13 fed 5 for 42p each, & theres a tub leftover for a work lunch for James 🙂.

Pizza night recipe - Spicy salami, & pepperoni pizzas, courgette & sweetcorn

Pizza night recipe 🍕 Spicy salami, & pepperoni pizzas, courgette & sweetcorn fritters, veg tempura nests & dips 😀 the kids had carrot & cucumber sticks with theirs too 🥕🥒. Homemade pumpkin pie for pud 🎃 which was actually butternut squash 🤫🤫🤫  2 spicy salami pizzas £7.98 Pepperoni pizza 66p Courgette & sweetcorn fritters reduced £1.55 Veg tempura nests reduced £1.50 1/4 cucumber 13p Carrot 2p ish 1/2 tub sour cream dip 39p £12.23 fed 4 for £3.05 each 🙂 Addy still not well so he didnt want any ‘Pumpkin’ pie was fairly cheap, butternut squash from Olio, other ingredients from Aldi 🙂 rough costing £2 ish, made 8 ish big slices 🎃.