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Meaty, cheesy, chili mac with penne pasta recipe! ground beef, handful mushrooms

Meaty 🥩 cheesy 🧀 chili 🌶 mac with penne pasta! 😋 RECIPE 👇

You'll Need :
1 box of penne pasta
1/2 pound ground beef
1 onion 🧅
1 handful mushrooms 🍄
1 can Rotel crushed tomatoes 🍅
1 block velveeta cheese 🧀
Granulated garlic
Onion powder
Chili powder

Direction :
Place cast iron pan on medium heat and large pot of water with oil and water on high heat. Add ground beef to pan with listed seasonings and cook till almost done and drain grease. Add your pasta to the boiling water. Place meat back in pan with the chopped onions and mushrooms add desired seasonings and sauté your onions and mushrooms. Once sautéd add your crushed tomatoes and lower heat. Add half a block of velveeta cheese and let melt. Once melted add your pasta to the cast iron pan and mix well. Then serve!

penne pasta recipe