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Dinner for the 3 at home just £2.75 - crispy chicken burgers with homemade chips

Dinner for the 3 of us at home tonight: Crispy Chicken burgers with homemade chips. 

The pack of chicken I had in the freezer (650g for £3.50 - 3 big fillets) - I only needed to use one of the chicken fillets - sliced it in 3 horizontally and dunked it in flour/egg/crushed cornflakes (but breadcrumbs or crushed crisps work well), sprayed with oil then baked in oven for 30 mins.
Chips were par boiled tossed in oil and seasoning and put in oven for same time as chicken - 4 medium sized potatoes about 50p total.
Large rolls from local baker 40p each.
And a few leaves of little gem lettuce, Mayo and ketchup. 

Cost about £2.75 for all 3 of us, really tasty and neither daughter or I could quite finish.

crispy chicken burgers with homemade chips