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Dinner Just 93p each - Black pudding sausages, sweet potato mash & beans / spaghetti hoops

Black pudding sausages, sweet potato mash with garlic, & beans / spaghetti hoops đŸ˜‹
Pudding was leftover bday cake & M&s squirty cream from the company shop (50p!). Also got three chicken carcass’s in the oven for stock (I think ones actually duck but will be just as good if not better!) will roast for a bit for flavour, then chuck into the slow cooker overnight on low… beautiful stock in the morning! 

  • Black pudding sausages £3.33 (Got from Whitby on our girls wknd)
  • 7x frozen sausages 35p
  • 1/2 massive sweet potato 34p
  • 4 small potatoes from a 2.5kg bag 24p ish
  • 3 garlic cloves 6p
  • Tin of baked beans 22p
  • Tin of spaghetti 13p
  • £4.67 fed 5 for 93p each đŸ™‚ 

Last but not least, it was my first trip to the company shop this morn! Loved it, lots of bargains (photos at the end!) Recommend going if you can & if you can get a membership!

Black pudding sausages, sweet potato mash