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Donner meat vegan version (oomph)? made your own version at home in Just £1.56

Really fancied a takeaway yesterday but couldn't afford it as a single parent who's kid doesn't eat takeaway, so made my own version at home 🙂

  • Kebab meat £3 icelands (I used maybe a third) £1
  • Pitta bread £1 for 6 (I used 1) 16p
  • Chips 99p telescopes 20p worth?
  • Half a small red onion from a £1 bag. 10p to be generous
  • Romaine lettuce £1 (used 2 big leaves) 10p?

Cost me approx £1.56 for this. Plenty leftover to do more other days. Way healthier too 🙂 

Thought I'd share.


Donner meat vegan version