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Food containers for batch cooking! fit great in the freezer, ones for 2 people meals

Food containers!
Where does everyone get their food containers from for batch cooking. I bought some "chinese" style pots from B&M but the lids are snapping as soon as I open them after the first use. The round ones aren't very strong either and don't fit great in the freezer.

Don't want to keep throwing plastic away so need some strong square/rectangle pots to fit in the freezer easily that I can reuse and ideally dishwasher/microwave safe but also don't cost a small fortune...
Need some bigger sized ones for 2 people meals and some smaller chinese size pots for single meals.

I also use flexible reusable Mason jars from Amazon for one portion. They're designed to be washed. Mine stand in angled lines on my freezer & get loads. I also use the soup bags. For bigger portions I've got the branded click & lock containers which are now old. They came from QVC on a special. Plus I have 2 sets off Joseph Joseph picked up 2nd hand.

Food containers for batch cooking