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Freezer tea tonight just £1.89! Chicken & mushroom bakes & Shawne, & veggie nugget

Freezer tea tonight! Was supposed to be chicken pasta bake but couldnt find the chicken in the depths of the freezer, & it was far too cold to be rummaging about 🤣 so grabbed the first things I found!

Chicken & mushroom bakes for me & Shawne, & veggie nuggets for the kids, all with marscapone & tomato pasta, with salady bits, using up what was left in the fridge 🙂 (the kids couldnt tell the difference with the nuggets!). Pud was reduced mango & on offer pineapple that needed to be used up 🙂 with a bit of squirty cream!

  • Chicken & mushroom bakes reduced 50p
  • Veggie nuggets on offer 20p!
  • 2/3 bag pasta 19p
  • Marscapone pasta sauce 70p
  • Salady bits 30p ish 

£1.89 fed 5 for 37p each 🙂

Shawne, & veggie nugget

Chicken & mushroom bakes