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Homemade crisps & jam sponge slices recipe! Some with icing, some with icing sugar

Recipe - Absolutely sick of paying a fortune for snacks, and they demolish them in no time 😩😩 all ingredients I had in the house, so cost me nothing today.
Jam sponge slices. Some with icing, some with icing sugar. 

I used a basic sponge recipe from the bbc good food website, once cooled sliced in half, and spread jam. Icing and drip icing I had from a previous cake.

jam sponge slices

Homemade crisps.

Took quite a lot of effort, as I don’t have a mandolin, and if I was to make again, I’d probably skip the deep frying, and just use the air fryer. They are a bit overdone, but tasty nonetheless 🥰

Homemade crisps