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How to get my food costs down? big batch of veggie loaded pasta sauce for quick dinner

So - inspired by you lovely lot I decided to take a good look at how to get my food costs down. There are sometimes 3 of us and sometimes 5 as I have a 20 yo at uni (home for the holidays and always hungry) and my mum lives nearby. My 16yo daughter does a lot of sport so needs loads of carbs and protein. I have Easter off as I work with schools so a good time to batch cook.

On Saturday our local butcher had a deal on a 1/2 rolled Turkey breast (1.6kg) for £10 so we had that as roast on Sunday; we had half the leftovers yesterday as Turkey fajitas; and today I’ve made a Turkey curry using an onion, half a courgette, a red pepper, and a bowl full of butternut squash that I diced and froze at Christmas + some curry paste, a tin of tomatoes, and some spoons of mango chutney.  3 tubs going into the freezer for another day. 

With some of the rest of my leftover veg I’ve made a big batch of veggie loaded pasta sauce - 1 onion, 2 grated carrots, 1/2 courgette 1/2 pepper tin toms and carton of passata plus some dried herbs, seasoning and a spoon of sugar. Blitzed at the end - 2 portions for the freezer and we need a quick dinner tonight as 16 y/o has 4 hours of netball coaching and training (!!) from 5pm so 1 for tonight with grated cheese + garlic bread (I’ve got a couple of mini baguettes in freezer and some butter and garlic so will make that up). 

Thank you for all your ideas and tips.

veggie loaded pasta sauce

veggie loaded pasta sauce

veggie loaded pasta sauce