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How to made courgette salad with feta and sweet corn fritters (which can be frozen)?

Just thought I’d post these ideas for seasonal veg which are usually good for the budget-we’ve got a little veg patch and courgettes are in season (UK) and in the shops. 

Of course they all come together so we’ve got a glut! So far I’ve made courgette and sweet corn fritters (which can be frozen)-they’re great for a breakfast or lunch with a poached egg and some sweet chilli sauce, or you can make them smaller and have them as a snack with some sweet chilli sauce mixed with some lime juice to dip - the sweet corn was in the freezer and the rest of it was store cupboard; and I made a griddled courgette salad with feta ( it’s topped with a little chopped mint, red chilli which were wilting in the bottom of my fridge, and pine nuts-had half a pack in the cupboard but no idea why- and a bit of olive oil).

courgette salad

sweet corn fritters