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How to make a full chicken stretch recipes? yummy especially the roast and sarni

Recipe - How far does everyone make a full chicken stretch? And what are your go to meals?

There is just me and my daughter at home so from a large chicken we got 2 roasts, 4 portions of curry in my sc, 4 portions of pasta bake and a chicken and stuffing sandwich for me for lunch 😁
Large chicken was £4.50 in morrisons, and I have got 11 meals from it 😊

Everything else I had in, frozen veg, sweetcorn, pasta, a jar of pasta bake sauce, slow cooker curry sauce, tinned tomatoes etc, so I'm not 100% how much each meal cost but I'm guessing not much. You could get an extra meal by cooking the carcass and making soup from the stock.

full chicken stretch