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James cooked for the kids just £1.66 recipe! Chicken big macs chips & strawberry milkshake

Recipe - Jamescooked! Chicken big macs 😀, chips, & corn on the cob… & strawberry milkshake for the kids… amaretto & cherry coke for the adults 🤣
Pud was waffles with honeycomb ice cream! 

*** Burger boxes from Poundland in the summer, they do them every yr in the bbq range ***
I even printed off some Maccys sheets for them to do while they were waiting for their pud (pics at end, feel free to steal & print out, I got them from Google) .

7 chicken burgers £1.75
Pack of buns 99p
1/4 lettuce 11p
Onion 6p
Few pickles free as given by Mum
Mayo, mustard, pickle relish, pepper for Big mac sauce 30p ish
7 cheese slices 52p
1/3 bag maris pipers 38p
1/2 bag frozen corn on the cob 77p
1/2 carton strawberry milkshake 44p
£5.32 fed 5 for £1.06 😀
Waffles 6 for £1 from Heron, & 1/3 a tub of ice cream 66p

£1.66 fed 5 for 33p each 😀 

Shawne cooked for the kids