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Meatloaf marinara mash recipe, honey roasted carrots & cauli cheese just £3.31 fed 4 for 82p each

Recipe - Meatloaf marinara (was lovely 😀), mash, honey roasted carrots & cauli cheese. Not many of us eating tonight 🙈 Arlo had toast as hes been off today as he was sick this morning, Nay didnt want it at all but shes been a bit off it too, red cheeks, cough etc… ive been doing tests all week & all negative 🤷🏼‍♀️ so she will perhaps have a bit of toast later instead 🙂. 

  • Meatloaf marinara reduced £1.84
  • 1/4 bag carrots 10p
  • Cauli on offer 49p
  • Butter flour milk & cheese for cheese sauce 60p ish
  • 1/4 bag maris pipers 28p

£3.31 fed 4 for 82p each 🙂

Meatloaf marinara mash, honey roasted carrots