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Recycled butter tubs, perfect for soups & stews! Just cool before freezing

Stock all done ft. my recycled butter tubs đŸ˜€ just needs to cool before freezing ❄️.

Roasted off 3 chicken carcass’s with a couple of carrots, an onion & some herbs… when golden on colour transfer to a slow cooker & deglaze your dish that you roasted the bones in, add that to the slow cooker along with water to nearly cover your bones. Turn on high & cook until everything is soft & the stock has darkened a lot. Remove the chicken carcass’s & pick the meat off the bones & set aside in a bowl to cool then freeze. Strain the liquid into a pan & reduce down til thick & glossy! You know its ready when its really dark, & if you leave it a few seconds it forms a skin on the top! 

This made 3 pots of about 250ml each, perfect for soups & stews etc, & the chicken is good for ramen bowls, omelettes, quiches, chicken pies đŸ™‚.

Recycled butter tubs

Recycled butter tubs, perfect for soups & stews