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Tonsillitis recipe! I made this out of mainly the Asda essentials, it cost me: £13.93

Recipe - Got tonsillitis so didn’t even end up eating this. But tbh I made this out of mainly the Asda essentials! 

  • mash - £0.99p for a bag of potatoes (again added milk which was £0.85p and some butter that was £1)
  • mixed veg - £0.72p
  • air fried new tinned potatoes - £0.36p a tin (cornflour - £0.85p, Fry light oil £1.75)
  • frozen sausages - £1.21 for 20
  • whole chicken - £3.10
  • home made Yorkshire’s - (Plain flour - £0.58p, semi skimmed milk - £0.85p, 1 egg - £0.11p (set of 12 for £1.35p)
  • Gravy - 0.32p 

All together it cost: £13.93 with all the additional ingredients!! But there is plenty of frozen stuff left, milk left, ect! Can’t really complain and it fed 7 people too☺️.