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Trying to eat healthy! wrap avocado with those + sweet chilli sauce, lunch for £1.52

But of a crazy week/weekend & youngest at all day netball tournament needing lots of snacks and protein-in our fridge we had 2/3 block halloumi, some bacon and I bought some avocado yesterday-so she’s had a wrap with those + sweet chilli sauce.

I’m trying to eat healthy - had a pack of those ready to eat lentils so mixed that with 1/2 onion sliced with some lemon and salt, 1/2 pepper grilled, a few cherry toms, a handful of parsley + a bit of olive oil -about £2.00 for 4 portions. I’ve added 1/3 halloumi 1.5 slices bacon and 1/2 avocado for about £1.12.

So lunch for £1.52 for me and £1.22 for daughters wrap - and used up lots of leftover bits.

avocado with snacks + sweet chilli sauce

avocado with snacks + sweet chilli sauce