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Veg from asda doesn't seem to be lasting as long, they start to go bad

Is it just me or has anyone else noticed veg doesn't seem to be lasting as long at the moment. I can usually have a bag of carrots in my fridge for 10 days or more before they start to go bad but the last 2 lots I've got from asda have ended up with brown patches all over them in less than a week. I bought these last Friday afternoon so 5 days ago and they have brown marks all over them already.

I’ve noticed it often doesn’t even seem completely fresh the day we buy it. Wondered if anyone else noticed the same. Soft cucumbers and radishes etc, everything seeming a bit sad.

Look up Nancy Birtwhistle on Instagram, she keeps veg in damp tea towels in her fridge, lemons in water and berries in a jar. She’s got some fab ideas.


Veg from asda