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£211 made on FB marketplace! just selling our old/unused/unwanted stuff

£211 made on FB marketplace in the last fortnight, just selling our old/unused/unwanted stuff! Thought I would share some selling tips that may help others -

  • Price realistically! Check out what other people are selling your item for, and not just marketplace, check eBay too. And look to see if the items are selling, or just sitting at that price.
  • Price to sell! If it's sitting in your attic doing nothing, selling it cheap and doing someone else a turn is an all round bonus.
  • Write a clear description! Make sure to include size on clothes/shoes, measurements for furniture etc., saves pointless back and forth messages. 
  • Write an honest description! Show pics and/or explain any damage.
  • Think about when you're selling... e.g. kids costumes before World Book Day or Halloween, season appropriate clothes, outdoor toys in good weather etc.
  •  If you feel uncomfortable about people haggling, price your item so you don't mind if someone knocks you down a bit.
  • If you are able, include "may be able to deliver dependant on location in -your vicinity-" , but only deliver if it's convenient for you, e.g. on your daily commute or the price you're selling is worth you delivering.
  • If it's a higher price item/collectible, consider including that you will post (at buyers cost).
  • If someone is time wasting or you feel uncomfortable for any reason, simply leave the conversation and don't feel bad about it.
  • Respond quickly to messages and be polite. 
  • If an item isn't selling, be patient... sometimes an item can be up a while before someone asks for it!.
  • Remember to mark items pending/sold.


£211 made on FB marketplace