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blooming DELICIOUS meal recipe! frozen mince, Cheese sauce sachet, Tikka sauce

blooming DELICIOUS meal recipe!
So here is my creation! Made like this because I forgot or thought I had the ingredients 😂🙈. I Had written lasagne down, but realised I didnt have any red sauce & couldnt be bothered to make my own… so thought id use a jar of tikka sauce… THEN when I came to make it today, realised I didnt have any lasagne sheets, so used gnocchi 😂.

I dont even know what to call it apart from blooming DELICIOUS!!  The kids have asked for it again, so to me that is 100% a winner! 🎉🎉
The only thing for me is; because I changed it so much, its no longer WW friendly 🙈 so ive gone into my weeklies but its fine! Ill save it for treat night if I do make it again 🙂.

1/2 bag frozen mince £1.32
Cheese sauce sachet (think Mum gave me this… 🤔)
Gnocchi £1.25
1/6 block cheese 60p
Tikka sauce free as given by Mum
1/2 jar raita 62p
Salady bits 30p ish

£4.09 fed 5 for 81p each 🙂.

blooming DELICIOUS meal recipe