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Corned beef hash recipe! boiled carrots and potatoes with 2 chicken stock cubes

 Recipe - Corned beef hash 😋
- Asda just essentials white potatoes £1.09 2.5kg bag (I used 5 potatoes)
- Asda carrots 1kg bag 48p (I used 2 carrots)
- Asda brown onions 1kg bag 65p (I used 1 onion)
- Asda just essentials gravy 32p
- Asda chicken stock cubes 60p for 12 (i used 2)
- 10 slices of corned beef couldn’t tell you price was from my mum and dads freezer 😂
- Asda just essentials soft spread 83p (I used 1 table spoon full) 

I peeled & chopped the carrots and potatoes, boiled (in same pan) them with 2 chicken stock cubes In water. I diced an onion 🧅 once carrots and potatoes were cooked i mashed them popped a table spoon of soft spread in. Mixed the diced onion and corned beef in , popped it into a casserole dish into the oven for 20 minutes to brown off and make top part crispy 😋 served with gravy.

Did 2 generous adult portions, my 2 year old enjoyed it that much she had 3 bowls 🙊 and a generous portion tubbed up for my dad.

Corned beef hash recipe

Corned beef hash recipe