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Fridge storage set! 1 months worth of snacks for 3 peoples packed lunch

Just wanted to share our little fridge storage set 🙂
This may look like alot of snacks but this is 1 months worth of snacks for 3 peoples packed lunch. We alternate which fruit we buy each week for them too. Although their favourites is Strawberries, grapes and apples 🙂 .

To go in the lunches we also alternate their sandwiches so they don't have the same thing every day. I batch cook all our meals to last a couple of weeks so I do the same with soups. Some days they will have soup in their thermal mugs. Other times it will be sandwiches, wraps or a pasta dish. 

My 3 kids have autism, adhd and processing disorders so it does make meals hard but shopping in places like aldi and asda essential range has been a huge help recently. I barely ever buy branded items anymore and aldis version of stuff is just as tasty but with a reduced price tag x.

snacks for 3 peoples packed lunch