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Fried omelette / baked frittata meal recipe, sweet chilli chicken, spinach

Recipe - Change of plan for tea! Got the potatoes out for jackets & they were sprouting, manky & smelled fishy 🤢 I only got them last Sat so they should have been more than ok for today 😤 never mind…
Throw it all in omelette/frittata (I think a frittata is usually baked? & omelette is fried… but this was fried & not baked 🤣 so its a hybrid!) It had in - sweet chilli chicken, spinach & Portobello mushrooms, with cheese on the top, served with salad, cottage cheese & coleslaw 🙂.

8 eggs 62p
Sweet chilli chicken free from Olio
Portobello mushrooms free from Olio
Handful of grated cheese 29p
2 balls frozen spinach 15p ish
Salady bits 😀 40p ish
Cottage cheese 69p
1/2 tub coleslaw 89p.

£3.04 fed 4 for 76p 🙂 none for Addy as hes had a tooth removed this aft, his choice & he was very brave, much braver than me! (Hes had an abcess for 2 wks & although hes had antibiotics it hadnt made much difference 😞 so now apart from a swollen mouth & a wonky smile for a few days he should be all good after 🙂).

Fried omelette / baked frittata meal recipe