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Glazed Gammon Recipe! homemade chocolate sponge & chocolate custard

Recipe - Glazed gammon, green beans, carrots (& an onion for me), asparagus, cauli cheese, mash & Yorkshire puddings 🐷.

Homemade chocolate sponge & chocolate custard for pud 🍫 .

Gammon joint £4.77
Glaze 30p
1/4 bag frozen green beans 18p
1/4 bag carrots 12p
Onion 6p
1/4 bag maris pipers 37p
1/3 bag frozen cauli cheese 78p
Milk eggs & flour for batter mix 40p ish
Leftover gravy free as costed previously.

£6.98 fed 5 for £1.39 each 🙂 I have Yorkshire puds leftover, & 2 bags of gammon for new meals 🙂 .

I havnt costed the pud but it was all store cupboard ingredients, I would say less than £2.50 including the custard & made 20 squares of cake 🙂 I will portion them up into grease-proof paper & the kids can take them in their pack ups next week.

Glazed Gammon Recipe

Unsmoked Gammon joint

homemade chocolate sponge & chocolate custard