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Ham soup with a ham shank recipe! carrots and potatoes then add the chicken juice

Recipe - Okay I know it might not look amazing but here me out..

This is from my childhood and I think it’s pretty awesome especially if you feel poorly great to shift a cold it’s so cheap to make the key ingredient here is the black pepper it needs plenty!! I’ll list all ingredients below they’re from Aldi.. 

Celery x3 sticks out of the pack 29p a bag
X3 carrots from the 29p bag
X3 red potatoes (you can use any)
X1 yellow onion from the 3 multi pack 49p pack
Left over chicken from a roast probably a quarter used. And the juice!!
X1 Chicken jelly stock cube (you can use any)
Black pepper!! 

I literally sweat off the celery and onion then add carrots and potatoes then add the chicken juice from the roast please remember to take off the layer of fat you don’t need that. I mix all that round on a high heat then add the water and stick and finally loads of pepper you want it with a kick. Serve with warm bread and butter for the soupy liquid, this will feed 4 of us easily for 2 days!! So maybe a good lunch time meal idea. 

I hope this helps 🥰.

ham soup recipe