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Homemade red pepper & tomato relish recipe! bloody delicious, Great for Xmas

Recipe - Homemade red pepper & tomato relish! 🍅.
I tasted a bit hot & it was bloody delicious 🤤🤤🤤 I think it would be lovely in a cheese butty, with cheese & crackers, & maybe a bit chucked into a pasta sauce to pep it up a bit! Im going to have some cheese & crackers for dinner on Sat when its treat day, to test it out properly 😀 one will get used, & im saving the other for over Xmas, when cheeseboards will become a daily occurance 😉 .

Mum gave me the jars, but I defo need smaller jars next time to make more but less in a jar!
I only bought the red peppers as I had everything else in, & the toms are homegrown. but cost around £2.50 for the ingredients so if id done 6 smaller jars, they would have worked out at 41p per jar which is fantastic! It made just over 1kg 🙂 .

Great for Xmas pressies, with a couple of packs of crackers & a bottle of red 😉 .
When I get some smaller jars im onto green tomato chutney! 💚.

Homemade red pepper & tomato relish recipe

Homemade red pepper & tomato relish