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Large pan of curried veg (carrots/onion/celery) and red lentil soup, pastries and coleslaw

Recipe - Woke early this morning so spent a quiet hour or so in the kitchen to use up some unused veg and windfall apples for the week ahead when we return to work and school - a large pan of curried veg (carrots/onion/celery) and red lentil soup-some for this week and portions for the freezer; coleslaw to go with tonight’s dinner; and I had a sheet of pastry and some windfall apples so some apple pastries.

Prices a bit estimated:

Soup: 3 carrots, 3 sticks celery, 1 onion say 40p each; red lentils 150g 36p; 1l veg stock made from cube £1.56 for a batch - easily 4 large portions.
Pastries: pastry sheet 95p; apples free; handful of sultanas, sprinkling of sugar and cinnamon from cupboard, egg for egg wash 14p so £1.09 for 4.
Coleslaw - 1/2 red cabbage 30p, 1 carrot 10p, 1/2 onion 15p, dressing about 40p to make 95p for a large bowl.


soup, pastries and coleslaw