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Mushroom palak masala rice recipe, spinach dahl, naan & poppadoms, £1.59 each/person

Recipe - Mushroom palak masala (jar sauce - really lovely, try it if you see it!), rice, spinach dahl, naan & poppadoms. No pics of the show pony, shes savage today! First day back at preschool after half term, think shes worn out 🙈 .

Jar sauce (from the Company shop) 95p
Button mushrooms 85p
2 packs M&s naans £2 (from the Company shop)
Spinach dahl (my friend makes this for me & its lovely) £3
Poppadoms 85p
1/6 pack rice 30p 

£7.95 fed 5 for £1.59 each 🙂.

Mushroom palak masala rice recipe