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Oil heater radiator! Middle of the road for £50, cost less than 20p

I got an oil heater radiator from Amazon. Middle of the road for £50. Had it on for 2 hours on the thermostat and according to my meter cost less than 20p.
My living room is so warm.
Highly recommend it.

I don't have central heating - I refuse to have it just a wood burner and one of these heaters in each room. I only turn them on in the room I'm using, then occasionally in other rooms to keep thd damp off.

I never have ours on high, a low temperature keeps the room warm. Put your airer in there overnight, the heat lingers. It’s amazing how it dries things. Also leave clothes for the next morning, school clothes etc. in the room, it takes the chill off them. I also lean shoes against the side of the heater. Multi purpose ⭐️ .

Oil heater radiator