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Pork roast recipe just in £8.94 - Biscoff cheesecake & camembert mash

Recipe - Roast with peas, carrots, onion, cabbage, broccoli & cauli cheese, stuffing, garlic & thyme roasties, camembert mash (like Miller & Carter 🤤), & Yorkshire puddys .
Biscoff cheesecake for pud 😀.
No pics of Nay as shes still not 100% but has had a much better aft & is asking for food now 💖.

Pork joint £5.34
Stuffing 32p
1/2 bag maris pipers on offer 44p
1/2 round of camembert 50p company shop
1/2 bag carrots 20p
1/2 broccoli 24p
1/2 cauli 39p
Butter flour milk & cheese for cheese sauce 60p ish
1/6 bag frozen petit pois 14p
1/2 savoy cabbage 21p
Flour eggs & milk for batter 40p ish
Gravy granules 16p

£8.94 fed 7 for £1.27 each 🙂 we have leftover pork, mash, Yorkshires & gravy 🙂.

3/4 pack digestives 31p
2 tbsp baking spread 8p ish
Jar of Biscoff spread £1
1/2 pack Lotus biscuits 50p
2 tubs double cream £1.78
Tub soft cheese 49p

£4.17 serves around 10 portions for 41p each 🙂.

Biscoff cheese cake

Biscoff cheesecake

Biscoff  cake