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Rainbow sausage recipe! M&S pork bacon & cheese sausage swirl

Recipe - Rainbow sausage (according to the kids, really it was M&S pork bacon & cheese sausage swirl), or Cumberland sausage, buttered & minted green beans & runner beans, broccoli & crispy potato slices
We all loved this 👌🏻 winner winner sosig dinner! 

It was supposed to be with colcannon mash but the cabbage was absolutely manky inside, & I only bought it on Fri! 

Pork bacon & cheese sausage swirl reduced £3.33
Cumberland sausages reduced £1
2 packs crispy potato slices free from Olio
Broccoli free from Olio
Green beans free from Mum
Runner beans reduced 30p
Gravy granules 16p

£4.79 fed 5 for 95p each 🙂.

Rainbow sausage recipe