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Vegetable and cheese lasagne recipe! 1.50 lidl frui t and veg box

Recipe - Vegetable and cheese lasagne .....£1.50 lidl frui t and veg box, asda 60p soft cheese, 65p white sauce, £1 lasagne sheets which are cheaper in asda and a tin of 33p chopped tomatoes...add some garlic bread all done. chopped all the veg lightly fried in the wok, added the chopped tomatoes and melted in the soft cheese bit of garlic salt, pepper and parsley from the cupboard, served with 2x 33p garlic breads, decent meal for under £5 looking forward to seeing how it comes out and tastes.

asda 60p soft cheese ,65p white sauce

£1.50 lidl frui t and veg box
Vegetable and cheese lasagne