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Want to buy a Ninja! homemade lamb moussaka from my freezer, tray of courgettes

There are just two of us but personally, I prefer to fill my oven when I use it. I'm not keen on leaving a slow cooker on and don't really want to buy a Ninja.

Today's batches are a homemade lamb moussaka from my freezer, tray of courgettes, onions and tinned tomatoes to make sauce and soup base, whole peppers baked on the top, dish of stock and risotto rice so these will be rice stuffed peppers tomorrow night with salad and a bit of the sauce. Tuesday night will be minestrone soup from today's batch. I also made a big Bara brith fruit cake for after tea all week and cooked a dish of apples for crumble or with breakfast yogurt.....

Lots of the veg and fruit from my garden or local food club that avoids food waste.  Oven on for 48 minutes. Obviously it has a thermostat so not actually heating up all that time.


homemade lamb moussaka from my freezer