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WW mushroom & mozzarella calzone Recipe & WW garlic & rosemary smashed potatoes

 WW mushroom & mozzarella calzone recipe & WW garlic & rosemary smashed potatoes, with tomatoes from my garden, & cucumber 🥒🍅. Lily got herself some makeup today at the shop, & gave Arlo a makeover 😂.

Mini wraps reduced 76p
2 large wraps 21p
1/3 tub mushrooms 16p
Red pepper 45p
Red onion 6p
Handful sweetcorn 6p ish
Light mozz 80p
Few tbsp passata 5p ish
Tomatoes free from my garden
1/4 cucumber 14p
1/4 bag potatoes 37p
Rosemary free from my garden
3 garlic cloves 6p
£3.12 fed 5 for 62p each 🙂

This made 10 wraps, Arlo had seconds & ive popped 3 into the freezer too 🙂.

WW mushroom & mozzarella calzone Recipe