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60p per meal slow cooker recipe! Spaghetti Bolognese-lasanga- cottage pie

Recipe - From 60p per meal (you can do this in a slow cooker to save on fuel..put a tea towel under the lid and skip adding water) the veg is Hidden Spaghetti Bolognese-lasanga- cottage pie..17 meals for just under £10 or slightly over depending on what you have in your cupboard or where you source your ingredients from. But not over £15 you could stretch this into more meals adding more veg. But this recipe I find you don't notice the veg. Perfect for families with members that don't like veg or the texture ❤️ suitable for vegans and diet requirements if Substituted with free from range. Also with slimming world plans (search slimming world of lean mince is used..lasanga sauce recipes available online 🙂 ) keto there is a range of carb free pasta in Holland and Barrett which are a little over the budget. Or make courgette spaghetti.

Ingredients:3 carrots, 2 onions, head of garlic. Small pack of lean steak mince(or what you have..this can be substituted with with plant based). A tube of tomato puree, two tins of tomato. A packet of Bolognese flavour mix and a Sheppards pie mix. Tin of carrots, tin of peas. Black pepper. 

Lasanga sheets, white sauce, cheese, butter stock cubes and potatoes.
Easier if you have a food processor. All the veg disappears and just appears as mince.
If not finely chop or use a grater and a potato masher for the meat ❤️

Soften onion
Add graded or food processod carrot. Cook until soft.
Add grated head of garlic.
Add tube of tomato puree. 

Add beef, I mash up the beef with some of the tin tomatoes in the food processor. Looks weird but cooks great. Brown the mince with the onions, carrots mix.
Add two tins of chopped tomato or pasata. Add two beef jelly stock. Fill the two tins with water add those. Cook on low untill the water has reduced by 50% add the packet Bolognese mix. Cook on low until the right consistency. Take two 10 large serving spoons of the mix into a separate pan. To that pan add the Sheppard's pie mix with a tin of carrots and peas.
Out of the bolognese mix you can layer up a 6 portion
 lasanga. Really tasty with an extra ball of mozerlla ripped up in the middle.
Then it'll leave 3 portions of Bolognese to freeze. 

The Sheppard's pie mix will make two pies. With 4 large servings.

paghetti Bolognese-lasanga- cottage pie

paghetti Bolognese-lasanga- cottage pie

paghetti Bolognese-lasanga- cottage pie