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Budget meal recipe! Breakfast was Malted Wheaties, Lunch was egg on toast/bagel

Recipe - I've seen some challenges online lately where people are shopping with a budget of £5 for a family meal.

I done something a little different.. I fed 4 of us all day for approx £5 give or take a few pence on items we already had in. I worked out the cost based on individual items used.. I.e 1 bagel from a pack of 5 @ £1.25 = 25p.

Breakfast was Malted Wheaties (Forgot a pic with morning brain fog) 77p for a box
Lunch was egg on toast/bagel. With a cup of tea. 63p (9p) per egg. 19p on half a loaf. 25p bagel
Tea was pasta bake with garlic bread. Pasta 35p. Sauce 39p. X2 garlic baguettes 32p each.
Handful of cheese approx 40p.

Dessert. Homemade school dinner cake approx 90p for ingredients with sprinkles. 40p tin of custard.

Lunch egg on toast/bagel

Breakfast Malted Wheaties

Homemade school dinner cake