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Cheap and quick meal recipe! cost less then 40p, mackerel and pilchards

Recipe - Cheap and quick meal. This meal cost less then 40p so may help if youre struggling with the cost of living (do not knock it until youve tried it! 🤣 Ive had people say eww looks awful then try it and be shocked how nice it is!! ) Toast bread as normal, mush sardines with a fork spread along top of toast then back under the grill for a couple minutes🙂 Ive always used the more expensive brands but no difference in taste at all. 

Also nice with mackerel and pilchards.

It was one of my grandads faves and he used to love that I also loved it even as a child, because no-one else would eat it 😂.

mackerel and pilchards recipe

mackerel and pilchards