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Egg fried rice and chicken balls for lunch recipe! £1.57 in total

Recipe - My daughter said she wants egg fried rice and chicken balls for lunch lol I can't afford a takeaway at the moment so thought outside of the box and made my own egg fried rice and it turned out delicious. 

I scrambled some eggs in some oil, salt and pepper, i pushed the egg to the side of the pan then fried some garlic in the middle of the pan I microwaved a cup of frozen veggies and then microwaved 2 microwave rice's. Once they were both heated I added them to the pan with a generous amount of Soy sauce and more salt and pepper.

2 eggs - 32p
2 packs of micro rice -70p
Soy sauce - 25p
Cup of frozen veggies -20p
2 garlic cloves - 10p

£1.57 in total. Could easily feed 4 for lunch. So 39p a portion and it took less than 10 mins to make.  She insisted on chicken balls so I also cooked a pack of chicken dippers and chopped them up and mixed them into her rice and said they were chopped up chicken balls and luckily she didn't question it haha.

Egg fried rice and chicken balls for lunch recipe