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Got 2 packs of cooking bacon in £l from Asda! make egg & bacon pie

I went in Asda for cooking bacon on Saturday and they were out of stock. I expect when it is back in stock - there will be a price increase from 75p for 500g. I got 2 packs of cooking bacon in £land today - 600g so not a bad deal. Cooking bacon is so versatile - I make egg & bacon pie + put it in quiches + liver & bacon casserole as well as frying decent rashers for a meal.

Jacket potato + HM cheese & tomato pastie + tomatoes & chestnut mushrooms tonight for dinner. Filled oven - did extra potatoes + cooked a pack of Bratwurst sausages - they will go in freezer and then just be warmed in mw.

make egg & bacon pie