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Made the sweet mincemeat for the Christmas mince pies! homemade recipe

Homemade recipe - Been accumulating the ingredients over the last month or so, now finally got it all together and made the mincemeat for the Christmas mince pies.......not for this year.....but next year, it needs a good year to mature.



  • 250g Sultanas
  • 200g Currants
  • 200g dried Cranberries
  • 150g dried Apricots chopped small
  • 100g glacé Cherries
  • 100g citrus peel
  • 100g flaked Almonds
  • 200g Dark brown Sugar
  • 100g Suet
  • 250g Dessert Apple grated
  • 100ml Brandy
  • 100ml Port
  • 1 tsp Cinnamon
  • 2tsp Mixed Spice.
  • 45 ml Lemon juice

Place all ingredients in a roomy bowl, stir well.
Cover with cling wrap.
Macerate over night if in a rush, but better for a whole day and night.
Sterilise your jars.
Fill the jars, making sure they're tightly filled.
Seal and store in a cool cupboard until next year, where you put last years, which is now ready to eat......

sweet mincemeat for the Christmas mince pies