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Pasta e Fagioli, Jack Monroe recipe! would definately make it again

Recipe - Tea was pasta e Fagioli 😍😍 I used a Jack Monroe recipe so unsure how authentic it was, & never had it before so I cant compare! It was delicious though, & would definately make it again. Easy, cheap & filling! Whats not to love 💕 I also adapted the recipe to feed a couple more so we had enough for us 5 & a tub of leftovers.

400g pasta 25p
Tin of chopped toms 28p
8 garlic cloves 18p
2 tbsp tomato puree 4p ish
2 stock cubes 6p
Tin of cannellini beans 60p
1/2 pack cobs 23p

£1.64 fed 5 for 32p each 🙂 made an extra portion too for James to take to work!

Pasta e Fagioli, Jack Monroe recipe