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Roast pork & crackling Recipe, cheesy leeks & rhubarb & blackberry crimble crumb

Weve had roast pork & crackling recipe, cheesy leeks, carrots, green beans, cabbage, brussels, onion (for me), parsnip mash, stuffing, wild garlic roasties & Yorkshire puds! 😋
& rhubarb & blackberry crimble crumble, & custard or ice cream 🙂.

Pork joint £5.88
Leftover stuffing free as costed previously
Leftover veg free as costed previously
1/4 bag maris pipers 34p
Wild garlic free as foraged
Eggs milk honey dijon cream butter cheese £1.10 ish
Parsnips 60p
Leek 69p
Onion 6p
Gravy granules 16p
£8.83 fed 5 for £1.76 each 🙂
Blackberries free from Olio
Rhubarb reduced 38p
Flour butter & sugar 60p ish
Little pot of icecream 12p
Tin custard 49p

£1.59 fed 5 for 31p each 🙂.

Roast pork & crackling Recipe