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Roasted butternut squash recipe! chocolate chip cookies & lemon puffs

Recipe - Lots of baking & cooking today 💕 & an early dinner as we are off out later to the local-ish illuminations 😀 Never been before so hoping the kids love it!

  • Ive roasted 2 butternut squash (free from Olio) & popped them into tubs in the freezer for next Sundays pud 😉
  • Ive made chocolate chip cookies & lemon puffs for lunch, both from the Bero book
  • Dinner was a roast chicken with stuffing up its butt as Arlo said 😂, I did correct him! & I roasted it on top of some onions… With carrots (& onion!), cabbage, roasties, Yorkshires & homemade onion gravy . Ive got a bag of chicken & stuffing leftover, & some stuffing that wouldnt fit in the chuck so I popped that into a dish to bake, a jug of gravy leftover too, & some Yorkshires 🙂
  • & last but not least… PUD! Self saucing Jaffa pudding with cream 😀 delicious!

Whole chicken £4.79
1/2 cabbage 32p
1/4 bag carrots 11p
3 onions 18p
1/3 bag maris pipers 46p
Stuffing 40p
Eggs milk & flour for batter 40p ish
Gravy granules 16p

£6.82 fed 5 for £1.36 each 🙂 with lots of leftovers as mentioned above.

chicken & stuffing leftover

butternut squash

lemon puffs for lunch

chocolate chip cookies