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Slim chickens (similar to kfc) Recipe! taste the same and juicy

Recipe - We went to primrose valley last week and ate at slim chickens (similar to kfc) and it was lovely 😍 so iv tried recreating it at home today. Didn't taste the same but very nice and juicy flavoursome chicken everyone has enjoyed so it's a winner here.

I'll post what i used below.
For the chicken.
2 tablespoon each of:
Pink himalayan salt
Brown sugar
4 teaspoons onion salt
2 teaspoons each of:
chili powder
black pepper
1 teaspoon each of:
celery salt
dried sage
garlic powder
ground allspice
dried oregano
dried basil
dried marjoram
846 gram plain flour.

4 chicken tops - you could buy a whole chicken to cut costs bit I can't eat meat on bone (personal preference).
4 egg whites to dip before mix.
Dip in egg whites, then into flour mix, leave for 5mins, toss again in flour mix to ensure fully coated, drop into deep fryer. Once chicken floats for a few minutes then its fully cooked and juicy.

For the texas toast.
1 knob of garlic butter
1 teaspoon of easy garlic
A big splash of oil

Iv posted photo for size references of what I used. I re added the same amount per slice of thick cut bread. Heat it up so its sizzling before adding bread so the bread doesn't soak it all up and go soggy, once crisp turn over to crisp the next side.

For the fries I used quarter bag of potatoes and left skin on. 4 people all too full to move as I made far too much and leftovers for tea. I think this would easily feed 6 good portions, 8 smaller appetites as very very filling.

Slim chickens (similar to kfc) Recipe