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Steak n kidney pies recipe! Filling done in Pressure cooker, cut up meat, kidney, onions

Recipe - Made steak n kidney pies .
Filling done in Pressure cooker last evening, cut up meat, kidney, onions, and mushrooms, plus a beef gel stockpot, then allowed to go cold overnight in cooker.

Shortcrust pastry this morning.
Thought I'd use my Hairy Bikers pie maker instead of the oven.
It comes with its own double cutter.
Rolled the pastry out, cut 2 bases, and 2 lids, and 2 leaf decs
Lined the pie maker base.
Spooned in the filling.
Lid on.
Quick brush of egg.
Lid sealed.
2 pies in 10-12 minutes no soggy bottoms.

The monitor on the Smart meter showed 12p/hr nothing else on in the place, so I reckon on as they were in for 12 minutes that works out at 2-3p for 2 pies cooking, instead of 30 minutes in the oven at 60p/hr on monitor or 30p for 2 pies.

I know I could fill the oven and usually do but not today......
Every little saves......

Steak n kidney pies recipe