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Sweet Chilli Jam recipe! made 6 jars of Chilli Jam for approx £5.00

Recipe - Just made 6 jars of Sweet Chilli Jam for approx £5.00
Red chillies £1.20
Red peppers £1.00
Jam sugar £2.00
White vinegar £0.60
Sweet Chilli jam £2.50 250g in shops 6 x £2.50 = £15.00
Saving of £10.00
150 gm Red Chillies, cored and deseeded
150 grams red peppers cored and deseeded
1 kg jam sugar
600 ml white vinegar

Makes 6 x 250ml jars sterilised

Chop up the chillies very finely either by hand or pulse in a blender.
Chop up the red peppers by hand or pulse in a blender.
Pour vinegar over the sugar in a deep pan and let it dissolve over a low heat. Don't stir it!!
Put the finely chopped chillies and red pepper into the dissolved sugary vinegar.
Turn up the heat and boil rapidly for 10 minutes. Best in a deep pan as it really boils up the sides.
After 10 minutes turn off the heat and let the mixture cool down for about 40 minutes to thicken up.
Give it a stir carefully to slightly disturb the chopped chillies and red peppers bit.

Spoon the jam into cooled sterilised jars and seal tightly.

Sweet Chilli Jam recipe