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ASDA essentials line! fruit/milk/bread/veg, my saving experience!

So my last couple shops at Aldi have been coming up much more expensive than I’m used to. I’ve seen people posting about the ASDA essentials line and that their produce is much better (and I do find out Aldi fruit has been going off faster than the kids eat it far too often). I decided to give it a go. I ordered a big shop for our family of 6. Delivery included it was £122.54. 

I searched Asda essentials on the app and did as much of my shop with those items as I could, then filled the rest with other Asda brand items and multi buy offers. I’m actually quite impressed with how much I got! This will do most of what we need for a couple weeks other than a restock on fresh items such as fruit/milk/bread/veg.

My sister aslo noticed how aldi fruit and veg seems to go off after a day or two at home. Their quality has gone down hill. My view. And I agree its gotten much more expensive. Think my next shop will also be asda x.


asda fruit/milk/bread/veg

aldi fruit/milk/bread/veg