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Batch cooking to use up stuff in my fridge! for dinner with a toastie, recipe

Had a little time today to do a bit of batch cooking to use up stuff in my fridge. A big pan of leek and potato soup that we’ll have tomorrow for dinner with a toastie; and a vegetable and chickpea curry using an onion, half a butternut squash, half a cauliflower, a red pepper, 2 carrots, a couple of potatoes and some frozen spinach and peas plus a can of chickpeas, tin of tomato, half a can of coconut milk and a pot of korma paste-made a huge pot - had tonight with rice plus a couple of bhajis and a Naan bread from the freezer - several portions left for the freezer. 

Remaining veg will be prepped and frozen and I’ll make a carrot cake tomorrow.

dinner with a toastie