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Chicken carcass recipe! turn it into most flavourful chicken soup or stock

Recipe - Don't throw away your chicken carcass, turn it into soup or stock. We had roast chicken 2 days ago, I've took off all the meat and used it in a curry. Now all the bones, skin and little bits of meat left on the bones will cook in the slow cooker for the next 18 hours. You can do it for just 3 or 4 hours, but the longer you cook it the most flavourful it will be. I'll add some carrots, leeks and noodles to it to make a soup tomorrow after I've strained it. You can add a roux and some cream to make it cream of chicken soup.

18 hrs later and it's dark, rich and thicken up now it's cooling down so it's full of collagen.

flavourful chicken soup or stock

Chicken carcass