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Delicious and happy anniversary! happy cheap roast recipe as got all yellow sticker

OK so this week was mine and the husbands anniversary so our at home date night Friday.

16oz steak £10 for both
Home made garlic and butter breaded mushrooms 1.40ish
Homemade chips 4 potatoes 40p
Onions rings 30p ish

  • So about £12ish for our meal which would of cost a fortune had we gone out happy days 😁😁
  • Then today my very happy cheap roast as got all yellow sticker
  • X large chicken reduced to 1.78
  • Spuds reduced to 77p
  • Stuffing mix 40p
  • Parnips 19p
  • Cauli broccoli cheese £1ish
  • Broccoli 19p
  • Carrots and sweetcorn 90p
  • Homemade yorkies had all in so I'd say about £1 to make them
  • Homemade swede mash 19p

Can't be bothered to work it out but cheap enough, has also made a chicken and stuffing baguette for hubby for lunch tomorrow and some roasties, mash and veg to go in freezer for another day's roast 😁😁😁😁.

And as always our renesmae sticking in 😂.

happy cheap roast recipe