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Friday night tea for the kids! Pizza baguette, popcorn, rice krispie squares

Super easy Friday night tea for the kids - Aka the day before shopping order arrives 😅.

Pizza baguette. (The usual puree, ketchup, herbs and cheese etc)  and some veg.

Eldest wanted to make popcorn  but we were out of after a quick  rummage through the baking cupboard rice krispie squares it was!

Couple of packs of mini marshmallows, some butter and around 200g rice krispies. I used the asda version.

Even found some left over sprinkles from her birthday cake for decoration.

Could've used a little more marshmallow tbh...but somebody kept eating them! Reckon 2 WHOLE packs  would be fine😅.

Pizza baguette

cupboard rice crispie squares

cupboard rice crispie squares